American Children Take The Place Of Locked-Up Migrants

Democrats seem to have the two-face thing down pretty well. For over a year they have been spreading doom and gloom over COVID-19. They claimed the virus was so terrible, and the risk so high, that healthy, able-bodied Americans had to suffer. Businesses were closed. Jobs were lost. And perhaps worst of all, our children’s futures were flushed down the toilet.

Yet, again and again, we see Democrats acting in very much the opposite way, when it suits them.

We all remember how Democrats applauded the horrendous police riots over the Summer of 2020. Despite the continued threat of the China virus, the left encouraged violent protests, in which nobody wore masks or socially distanced. Funny how that was, huh?

Often, we caught Democrats defying their own lockdown demands, such as California’s Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Dianne Feinstein, or Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer. All of these liberals broke rules they demand the rest of us follow.

Then there is the border. Biden lifted rules Trump implemented to prevent migrants from spreading COVID to Americans (despite the fact Biden is still deathly afraid of the disease). Migrants are forced into cage-like cells, with no attempts to prevent the spread of the virus.

And now, one liberal city is going even further in their COVID hypocrisy, giving education to illegal aliens while denying American children.

Hundreds of migrant teens will soon get in-person schooling in San Diego, California, after having recently arrived at the United States-Mexico border even as American schoolchildren in the state are still shut out of the classroom.

President Joe Biden’s administration has sent nearly 700 migrant teenage girls to the San Diego Convention Center to house them and where about 13 San Diego public school teachers will provide them with in-person learning…

The in-person learning for newly arrived border crossers comes as millions of American students, particularly in the state of California, remain shut out of the classroom — forced to take online-only courses. [Source: Breitbart]

You’ve got to be kidding me. Biden just recently condemned states that dropped COVID restrictions, demanding them to go back to locking down their residents. Yet his administration will provide in-person schooling to 700 illegal alien kids?

And thirteen teachers are willing to “endanger” themselves to teach these migrants? Whatever happened to the “you’re sending me to my grave” line from teachers unions? These are the same schmucks who refuse to teach American kids, angling for better pay and fewer hours. But now, because illegal aliens need school, they jump to the chance?

We all can see what’s going on here. Democrats have been hyping up COVID to control free Americans. They want us poor, scared, and oppressed because it gives them more power and wealth. But migrants are useful pawns to control, so of course they roll out the red carpet for them.

When are we all going to admit COVID is just another leftist prop, no longer worth discussing?