Biden Selects Obama’s “Right-Hand Woman” to Secure 2024 Presidency

Susan Rice, Obama’s former national security adviser, is now being tasked to help the Biden administration in its vote-by-mail agenda.

Biden signed an executive order in March that put Rice in charge of managing federal agencies to expand voting registration changes.

Federal agencies must give to Rice “a plan outlining how the agency can increase voter registration and voter participation” within 200 days.

“Agencies shall find ways to increase citizens’ ability to register to vote and to get information about, and participate in, the election process,” the order says.

“The head of every agency should investigate ways in which they can, as consistent with law, promote voter participation and registration.”

It forces agencies to give out vote-by-mail forms, and to help voters in completing those forms. It also requires agencies to allow “nonpartisan, approved organizations and officials to give voter registration services on agency premises.”

We all understand the fraud concerns of vote-by-mail. With the Democrat’s attitude towards voter signature verification, and now pushing to nationalize this agenda through a huge overhaul of our voting system, it is obvious what they are trying to do. They want full control.

And there is a reason why Susan Rice was named “typhoid Mary” within the Obama administration. When something went wrong, she was usually brought in to fix it. Now she is “fixing” America.

Author: Scott Dowdy