Facebook Deletes Viral Trump’s Message, Hurry And See It..

During an interview, former President Trump said there is “hope” for another run in 2024 — and Facebook immediately deleted the video of his interview, saying that “Trump’s voice” is not allowed on their platform.

During the interview with Lara Trump, President Trump said his supporters should have “hope” he will return in 2024.

He also said that he should have won the 2020 election and blasted President Biden for the job he’s done.

Lara asked Trump, “The other question people ask — and I know you aren’t ready to answer yet — but do you have hope for a possible run again in 2024?”

He responded by saying, “There is hope. We love our country… And we were so good. What we did with China and Iran. We were ready to do some wonderful things. And now you see what is happening.”

Lara later said, “We might see a Trump 2024. So stay tuned.”

On Wednesday, Facebook deleted the interview from its platform, saying that any content “in the voice of Trump” would be removed from the site completely.

Watch the full video below:

Author: Steven Sinclaire