Wisconsin Supreme Court Issues “Mandate” Of Their Own — Democrats Will Hate This

The Wisconsin Supreme Court denied a mask mandate in a 4-3 decision on Wednesday, liberating citizens from Democrat-backed mandatory masks.

The court objected to Democratic Governor Tony Evers’ right to force every person in the state to wear a mask.

“The question is not if the governor acted correctly; it is whether he did so lawfully. We have decided he did not,” said Justice Brian Hagedorn. Evers had enacted another mask mandate after Republicans in the state removed his last one in February, with the Governor saying he has the ability to issue as many mask mandates as he wants.

The state’s highest court also removed a stay-at-home mandate last May, showing it was willing to challenge arbitrary coronavirus measures.

Counties still have the ability to force mask mandates after this decision, although the ruling opens up the potential for conservative counties to let citizens make their own health choices.

As Democrat leaders refuse to back down on the highly questionable usage of masks, they might stand to face more challenges from courts unwilling to accept the excuse of emergency actions in the name of the covid pandemic.

Author: Scott Dowdy