Democrats’ Election Narrative Gets Turned Upside Down

The liberal news outlet Atlanta Journal-Constitution has put out a retraction after it incorrectly said the new Georgia elections law would restrict voting windows. This week, the correction was made after it was found that the Georgian law would not stop voting hours early. The news outlet even clarified with this statement: “Experts say the overall impact of the bill will increase the opportunities to vote for most Georgian citizens.”

But the paper was not alone in pushing the false claims. President Biden also said the law would restrict voting hours. Though, unlike the news outlet that originated that fake news, the White House has increased its criticism of the new election rule.

When asked if Biden was planning on altering his tone about the new election law, Psaki again supported the false narrative.

“The tone about a bill that restricts voting access?” the White House press secretary responded.

The reporter then stressed how the governor of Georgia says the bill does not limit access to voting.

“I believe that is not true what the governor of Georgia said,” Psaki said. “So, no, our tone will not change.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire