GOP Governor Makes Democrats’ Top Agenda Impossible

“We are a country of laws, and immigration laws will always be upheld in this state,” Montana’s Republican Governor Greg Gianforte said as he enacted a law forbidding sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary cities are places where illegals are guarded from being reported to ICE and therefore protected from being deported. But the new Montana law requires all cities inside the state to follow federal immigration law and cooperate with Border Patrol and ICE.

The legislation will also allow the state’s A.G. to push civil action against jurisdictions that do not adhere to the law by leveling fines and withholding grant funds.

Illegal immigration has fallen into a full crisis since Biden entered office and reversed Trump’s policies. He stopped construction of the wall, leaving holes large enough for trucks to drive through. Holding facilities are being forced to reopen and quickly overwhelmed with minors. One facility only built to hold 250 people is now holding over 4,000.

Several migrants admitted that they were compelled to cross the border because of Biden’s new relaxed policies. In his first press briefing, Biden outrageously stated he was “flattered” that illegals were trying to cross the border because he’s a “nice guy.”

Author: Blake Ambrose