Biden Uses Christian Holiday To Blackmail Americans

President Joe Biden and the First Lady put out an Easter video this weekend in which Biden insisted that people get vaccinated against covid, saying it was a “moral obligation.”

Strangely, the video, released on Biden’s official Twitter account, mentions God, the Pope, and the bible, but it does not reference Jesus.

“We agree with Pope Francis, who said the vaccine is a moral duty that can save your life and others’ lives,” Biden said. “By getting the vaccine and encouraging your communities to get vaccinated, we can not only beat covid-19, we can also accelerate the day when we can spend the holidays together.”

The president emphasized that “the virus is not gone” and highlighted the idea that many people continue to experience pandemic-induced hardships.

“As we celebrate this holy time, we understand many are still without the normal comforts,” he said. “The virus is still here, and so many of us still feel the loneliness of distance. For a second year, many people will be away from their friends and families that give us joy.”

But the President expressed optimism that Easter gives hope for better times.

“And yet the bible tells us that the light shines inside the darkness and that the darkness will never overcome it,” Biden said.

Author: Scott Dowdy