Liberal Heads Explode After Trump’s Easter Message Goes Viral

All over the world, faithful Christians observed the most holy day of the year yesterday. Easter celebrations took place in churches nationwide. But, much like last year, unbelieving leftists tried to put a damper on the holiday, thanks to their bogus COVID restrictions.

In some states, people were not allowed to gather to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ—the foundation of the Christian faith—because godless government bureaucrats still banned church worship. This is obviously a violation of our First Amendment rights and many churches have gone to court to fight (some cases reaching the Supreme Court).

We all know that many on the left have little respect for religious faith. They banned churches during lockdowns, because they sincerely believe faith is a “non-essential” during times of crisis. In fact, some leftists (like their mentor Karl Marx) believe religion needs to be stamped out so they can impose their radical agenda.

But Donald Trump decided to share a warm Easter greeting to all Americans—and he did not leave out his biggest fans.

As people around the world celebrate Easter, former President Trump in a statement on Sunday wished everyone, “including the Radical Left CRAZIES” a happy Easter.

“Happy Easter to ALL, including the Radical Left CRAZIES who rigged our Presidential Election, and want to destroy our Country!” the nation’s 45th president said in the statement.

In another statement later on Sunday Trump simply said, “Happy Easter!” [Source: Just the News]

You gotta hand it to Donald Trump. He never misses an opportunity to hit his (and our) enemies.

Not only did he rile up the unbelieving left by wishing them a happy Easter, but he used the opportunity to remind us that they rigged the 2020 Election.

Democrats have all but decreed that any further discussion about election fraud in 2020 is not allowed. They have gone after senators and other leaders who challenged the rigged 2020 Election, claiming they are trying to mount an “insurrection” against a pathetic old puppet who does whatever the left tells him to do.

But Trump is not someone to be cowed or bullied by radical socialists who both hate our country and religious freedom. He made a one-two punch against them, calling out the radical left on the day we celebrate Christ’s resurrection and to expose the fact they stole the election.

Few people continue to talk about how Democrats committed widespread voter fraud to give Joe Biden the presidency. But what does Trump have to lose?

I can imagine how Democrats, everywhere, are gnawing their tongues when they read this message. I’m sure they tell themselves they are totally “over” Donald Trump. But TDS doesn’t go away over night. And they know he just might come back in 2024. This little message was a shot across the bow. He is calling out his enemies and letting them know, he’s not going anywhere.

Pretty appropriate message at Easter, don’t you think?