Brave Border Agents Get The Drop On Terrorists

Two Yemeni men who are on the FBI’s watch list of suspected terrorists have been caught while crossing the border.

Border agents found one man near the Calexico Port of Entry. He was then taken to the El Centro Processing Center where Agents discovered him to be on the FBI’s terrorist watch list.

The other man was arrested around two miles west of the Calexico Port of Entry, and was taken to the same center where Agents found him to also be on the FBI’s terrorist watch list.

“Part of our mission is to protect the nation from terrorists,” said Patrol Agent Gregory Bovino. “Today, our agents accomplished that. These arrests prove the importance of our job and how we must never stop protecting this great nation.”

These men were apprehended after Biden’s relaxed policies have triggered a free-for-all at the southern border. With economic migrants flooding into the country from all areas of the world, now even Middle Eastern terrorists are getting in on the action.

Author: Steven Sinclaire