Biden Forced To Restart Trump’s “Racist” Idea

In what might be the most incredible admission of the crisis at the border, the Biden White House is considering restarting border wall construction.

According to recent reports, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas informed department employees that while President Biden stopped the funding for border wall construction, there is still “room to make choices” to finish some “gaps in the wall.”

“There are certain programs that the chief of the Border Patrol has proposed and the commissioner of CBP gave to me,” Mayorkas said. “The president has decided very clearly that the emergency that led to DOD funds being used for the border construction has ended. But that gives room to make decisions about particular areas of the wall that require renovation, or projects that need to be completed.”

President Trump’s wall may have been his most hotly-debated policy. Around 460 miles of wall were built during his presidency.

Mayorkas’s proposal of filling the holes in the wall comes some weeks after President Trump slammed Biden’s handling of the border, and called out the DHS secretary for his bad performance.

“We proudly gave the Biden team the most safe border in our history,” Trump said. ” All they needed to do was keep this system on autopilot. Instead, in just a few weeks, the Biden team transformed this national triumph into a national disaster.”

“The clueless actions of Secretary Mayorkas on TV was a total disgrace,” Trump went on. “His self-satisfied proposal—during this massive problem he helped create—is more evidence that he can’t lead the DHS. Even someone of Mayorkas’ limited capabilities should know that if you give Catch-and-Release to illegals then the whole world will come.”

Well, Mayorkas considering completing the gaps in the wall really does sound like Trump has been totally vindicated.

Author: Scott Dowdy