Kamala ‘Gets Around’ – But Not Where She’s Supposed To Be

The crisis at our Southern border gets worse by the day. Thanks to Joe Biden’s knee-jerk policies, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have already tried to jump the border this year. Many predicted a million or more will try to enter the country illegally by the end of 2021. Not only is it a national security crisis, but a humanitarian crisis. Biden, refusing to deport these migrants, is subjecting them to horrendous conditions.

Republicans and everyday Americans have demanded the administration to do something. So, Sleepy Joe appointed Kamala Harris to oversee the situation. Which is effectively saying nothing will get done. Harris is a shockingly unimpressive woman. She couldn’t get support for her presidential run. She’s only in the job she has now because Joe picked her. So far, she hasn’t exhibited any leadership skills. Honestly, Harris is best known for laughing at Americans’ suffering.

And, as you can expect, she has done bunk-all for the border.

Vice President Kamala Harris has been in charge of the ongoing child migrant crisis at the United States-Mexico border, but instead of visiting the ever-increasing number of detention camps housing unaccompanied children, many of which are now far above capacity, Harris will spend the week touting President Joe Biden’s proposed infrastructure plan and touring sites dispensing the COVID-19 vaccine.

On Monday, Harris joined embattled California governor Gavin Newsom in Oakland, California, at a water treatment facility that the Los Angeles Times noted is expected to benefit from the multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure plan proposed last week…

Harris departed California for Illinois on Tuesday, where she will meet with the state’s governor, JB Pritzker, and Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot about how the state is handling distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. [Source: Daily Wire]

So… instead of dealing with a real problem that will impact all Americans, Harris is just showing up for meaningless photo ops. These two appearances in CA and Chicago are pointless. Harris is not providing leadership or key decisions where they matter most. She is, instead, acting as a kind of cheerleader for the administration, showing off achievements made by the Trump administration (vaccine) or things that will never get done (the “infrastructure” bill).

In California, Harris talked about water “equity,” as if water is some kind of Civil Rights issue. Uh, Harris, I’m pretty sure minority Americans have access to the same clean water as white people. Nobody is trying to deny black or Hispanic people from drinking water. Is this really worth your time and effort, as your administration is locking up children in plastic cages?

Talk about getting your priorities completely screwed up. Harris is going around touting non-achievements for the Biden administration, while ignoring what could be its lasting legacy and disgrace: a destroyed border and shattered lives.

But keep laughing into the camera, Kamala. We all love that.

Author: Kip Williams