GOP Official Exposes Horrendous Facts About Biden’s Migrant Center

What does the left always say about compassionate and humane they are? Yeah, we’re definitely not buying it these days.

During Trump’s time in office, the liberal media was merciless in how they portrayed his border policy. You probably remember the deceptive Times cover, that showed Trump scowling at a crying migrant baby. The evil media wanted us to believe that cruel Trump was separating kids from their parents. How horrible it was for a president to protect our border from illegal immigrants!

That same media is nearly silent on the actually evil practices being implemented by Joe Biden. His administration is neither protecting the border nor ensuring migrants are safe and taken care of. We’ve seen the footage of migrants forced to sleep under bridges or crammed into cages.

Now, the Texas lieutenant governor is revealing what’s going on in one major city.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) said that the state has sent the Texas Rangers into a migrant facility in San Antonio because there have been complaints to state agencies about a lack of supervision, sexual assault between teenagers in the facility, people not being fed properly, and children with coronavirus not being separated…

“The president and the vice president of the United States and the Democratic Party are so concerned about placating the left for open borders, children are allegedly being sexually assaulted on American soil because of their total neglect of protecting our border, protecting this country, and protecting these kids, whether they’re dropped over the fence, whether they’re sexually assaulted, whether they’re sent into the country into sex trafficking. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have this on their hands, Brian.” [Source: Breitbart]

The Biden administration quickly ran out of room on the border to hold the hundreds of thousands of illegals who tried to get in, in just the first few months of the year. So, they have resorted—not to deporting them or having them wait in Mexico—but to shipping them all over Texas and beyond.

One facility in San Antonio, only five hours from the border, got so overcrowded that the Texas Rangers had to intervene. According to Patrick, reports reached the governor’s office of children being sexually assaulted, starved, and neglected (despite being positive for COVID-19).

This isn’t even the first time we’ve received reports like this. For weeks, we’ve known that Biden is releasing COVID-positive migrants into the country. In some centers, they don’t even bother screening them for the disease. Photo and video have emerged revealing migrant children forced to sleep on floors. Hundreds of migrants are corralled under a bridge, with just a space blanket.

Is this what the “compassionate” and kind party does to people in need? Trump passed reforms that limited the number of people rushing the border and provided legitimate steps for those seeking asylum. He made it so that both Americans were protected and migrants had a shot.

Biden is doing the exact opposite, violating our national security and mistreating migrants.

So, who is really the inhumane one?

Author: Alex Numane