Kamala Makes Bizzare National Crisis Prediction

VP Kamala Harris has said that wars will soon be fought over water while visiting a vaccination facility in Chicago this week.

“For generations wars have happened for oil, very soon they will be fought for water,” Harris said. She went on to say that the water measures inside President Biden’s infrastructure bill will not only protect life, but also strengthen the nation.

President Biden introduced his $2 trillion bill while he was in Pennsylvania in March. The bill has $17 billion towards inland waterways, ferries, ports and replacing every lead pipe in the country, according to a White House Data Sheet.

“The jobs to enhance our water infrastructure, that’s pipe fitters, plumbers, that’s electricians,” Harris said. “That is who will build back up our infrastructure.”


Harris’ mention of water being a precious commodity aligns with global data on growing resource scarcity. The UN claims over 700 million people will be “displaced” by growing water scarcity by 2030.

“This plan will sustain life. And it is about strengthening our country around a commodity that is precious,” Harris said.

Author: Blake Ambrose