Biden Rewrites The Constitution Without Hesitation

President Biden has said “no amendment is completely absolute” as he debuted a set of actions against Americans’ gun rights.

“We are taking measures to deal with the gun violence problem, and what is really a public health problem,” The President said in his speech at the White House, saying: “Nothing I will recommend harms gun rights or the Second Amendment.”

“No amendment is absolute,” Biden continued. “You cannot yell ‘fire’ inside a crowded place. And from the very start, you could not own any gun you wanted. From the very start, certain people were not allowed to have guns.”

Biden then said it was “bizarre” to claim his executive actions are “against the Constitution.”

Biden ordered the DOJ to create laws forcing background checks for “ghost guns.” With Biden also asked the DOJ to create a guideline for “red flag” measures for states to use. Also, he announced the election of anti-gunner David Chipman as the head of the ATF.

“Gun violence in America is at an epidemic,” The President said, calling the problem “a global embarrassment.”

“The job of a president is to keep the public safe, whether Congress does or not,” the president said. “I am going to use my resources to protect the people from gun violence. But there is a lot more that Congress can act on to aid that effort.”

Biden’s orders quickly led to the Attorney General of West Virginia, Patrick Morrisey (R) threatening a lawsuit against the Biden White House.

“Defending gun rights is one of the top priorities for this office. I won’t let the far left destroy our gun rights. If Biden goes through on his plans, we will be going to court very soon,” Morrisey said. “Gun violence should disturb all of us, but the evil actions of a select few should not be used as a way to strip Americans of their rights, especially their self-defense rights.”

It’s likely other GOP attorney generals will also go through with other threats against the Biden White House. Recently, Texas AG Ken Paxton (R) promised to protect Texans’ gun rights after the Boulder, CO shooting.

“Let me be very clear: So long as I am AG, Democrats will never infringe on Texans’ 2A rights,” Paxton tweeted.

Author: Steven Sinclaire