Whistleblowers Sound The Alarm On Biden’s ‘Perversion’

Attorney Sidney Powell remarked on the latest revelations of sexual depravity, corruption and mental issues within the Biden family.

“A vice president who could not even win a primary inside her home state and a demented pervert who doesn’t even know where he is,” Powell said. “They forced them on us with fraud so obvious that it is visible to everyone around the world.”

In an interview, Powell says the Democrats now realize the Biden administration is weak, and that is why they are trying to cover up the fraud in last year’s elections.

She also said the CCP seems to control many officials in the government.

“The level of control and corruption that the Chinese and other foreign powers have is the majority of the problem,” Powell said. “The Chinese have bribed, extorted or blackmailed people.”

Powell also stated that the ongoing election audit in Arizona will show at least 100,000 illegal ballots for Biden.

Author: Blake Ambrose