Republicans Cut Off The Financial Blood Flow To Democrats

Senator Tom Cotton is pushing to restrict funding to local governments handing out benefits to illegals, arguing that American citizens should take priority during the pandemic.

On Monday, the Republican Arkansas leader proposed the No Bailouts for Illegals Act, a bill that amends Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act to make localities and states ineligible for federal money until they guarantee they are not giving benefits to those living in the country illegally.

“Some governments are giving illegals money for losing jobs during the pandemic — jobs that belong to Americans from the start. We should not subsidize these efforts to send cash to illegals., Cotton said.

Cotton introduced another version of the bill in May of last year to stop funds from the initial relief bill from going to illegals.

The Senator’s new program follows the passage of a $212 billion deal by New York that would give $15,600 in relief to illegals.

Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL), hit back against this New York package.

“New York was bailed out in the Biden ‘stimulus’ program, and now they turn and give taxpayer money to illegals instead of American citizens. The Socialist Democrats show us over and over again what their true priority is., Brooks tweeted.

Author: Scott Dowdy