Fauci Tries To Hide From Public Health Crisis, Fails Miserably

At the onset of the COVID pandemic, President Donald Trump enacted strict policies at the U.S. border. He had already implemented rules that significantly reduced the number of migrants bombarding our border. But with the threat of this virus spreading from illegal aliens, he made sure the border was secure.

Yet Joe Biden, who continues to claim COVID is such a massive threat we need lockdowns, masks, and massive spending, lifted all of Trump’s measures at the border. We’ve learned a crisis has exploded down South. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have rushed our border. Many have been crammed into cage-like holding cells, with no attempts at social distancing or infection prevention.

Reports have suggested that COVID-positive migrants have been released into the country. Many haven’t even been checked for the disease that had shut down the world.

One personal shockingly silent about this situation is a man who has milked the COVID panic for over a year. Anthony Fauci continues to push fear and hysteria over COVID, but has said nothing about the “super-spreader” potential at our border. Now, House Republicans are demanding answers from this “expert.”

A coalition of Republican doctors in the House on Tuesday sent a letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci, asking him to address concerns about COVID-19 and the border crisis. Their concern about the public health pandemic grew after touring the border for themselves. According to the coalition, Dr. Fauci is in a position to make the public health emergency known…

The health care providers also take issue with Dr. Fauci’s refusal to visit the border. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) head said he has “nothing to do with the border,” something the GOP coalition feels he should address.

“… you are neglecting to weigh in on the public health emergency at the border, and we as physicians and healthcare professionals find this especially concerning,” the letter states. [Source: Daily Wire]

These physicians called out Anthony Fauci, who refuses to address the health crisis at the border. Fauci has been a leading expert on “slowing the spread” of COVID so far back, we were still calling it the coronavirus. He is the one who championed insane and devastating measures that crippled our country and unended millions of lives. Yet he pushed those measures, because COVID was too dangerous to be ignored.

Yet Fauci is deliberately ignoring the fact that all those migrants Joe refuses to deport can (and are) spreading COVID.

You’d think Fauci would be the first person to demand the border be shut down to prevent the spread of infection. Instead, he conveniently dismisses the issue, claiming it has nothing to do with him.

This, my friends, is what crooked, politically-driven con artists say. The man is more concerned with how he can use COVID to further his fame and career, rather than doing what’s best for America.

We shouldn’t be surprised. None of what he recommended last year was actually good for us. He and his colleagues ignored science to push medieval measures, all to appease Democrats who wanted to use COVID to expand their power and oust Donald Trump.

With House Republicans demanding answers from Fauci, he’ll have to respond. If he doesn’t, he’ll only prove he is a liar who is using COVID for personal gain.

Author: Mac Johnson