Republicans Give Trump a Surprise He Can’t Stop Smiling About

This might put a few liberals over the edge. It proves that President Trump is still a guiding force for Republicans.

Even as the deep state swamp pushes him to leave, he keeps showing up, proving America still loves him. And it looks like Trump is getting a major award for all his hard work he has done so far.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) gave President Trump their first ever “Champion for Freedom Award.”

This new award will be handed out to conservative leaders who fought for Americans. Trump is being celebrated by Senate GOP for his work on lowering taxes, adding three new justices to the Supreme Court, and protecting our border.

This is an impressive recognition and proves that Republicans continue to support and acknowledge Trump’s influence on America. But it’s also a sign to Democrats that Republicans will not bend the knee to Biden’s radical agenda or to the RINO establishment.

Author: Scott Dowdy