Democrats Bleed Support As Their Coalition Implodes

Democrats are entering shaky ground with some of their important voter blocs. They gained much with white “educated” liberals. But their base has become so liberal that even black and Hispanics are leaving the party. And it’s not only happening in one state. Hispanics from California to Florida left the Democrats in 2020.

This was not enough to save Trump from losing the 2020 election, but if white liberals hold control of the party’s agenda—it might become a huge problem. White liberals are growing more far-left when compared to Hispanic and black constituencies. The ‘defund the police’ agenda accelerated this split.

Both latter communities desire more police. White liberals and these nonwhite blocs do not agree about racial issues, immigration, and other problems that you see progressives whine about.

David Shor, a 2012 Obama adviser, highlighted that the increase in white liberals into the Democratic party made black and Hispanics vote more like white conservatives.

Hispanic voters are also not supportive of a pathway to citizenship. It’s not very unpopular, but it barely reaches above 50 percent support.

Also, despite all the mainstream media’s constant propaganda about Trump’s immigration policy and how it was racist, Hispanic voters don’t see it like that.

The Antifa and far-left has been a nightmare for the Democratic party, radicalized their group, and sent Latinos fleeing right into Trump’s and Republicans’ hand.

And that could be their undoing in 2022.

Author: Blake Ambrose