Election Integrity Under Attack By Entire Fleet Of Elites

So far, it has not gone well for companies that get “woke” and push leftist politics. In this day and age, it must seem fashionable for rich CEOs to virtual signal to liberals by using their companies to promote toxic ideas. But all too often, Americans strike back, making these companies regret wading into politics.

We’ve seen this pattern happen over and over again in recent years. It has become so common, it’s generated a catchphrase: “Go woke, go broke.”

Yet still, these idiot liberal business owners have not gotten the message. Even after watching their colleagues’ companies suffering for supporting leftist causes (and attacking those who don’t), more companies continue to jeopardize their success by getting mired in political battles.

We’ve seen numerous companies and organizations bully and boycott Georgia over a much-needed voter ID law. People who had no business getting involved, like Delta Airlines and MLB, have abused their relationship with Americans to attack Georgia.

And although it will end up hurting every last company that does so, more are joining the fight. Including celebrities who think people respect their opinion.

In an open letter, titled “We Stand For Democracy,” industry titans like Netflix, ViacomCBS, Apple, Amazon, George Clooney, George Lucas, and David Geffen all maligned voter integrity laws as a restriction of Democracy. The letter did not expressly mention Georgia by name, but it was spearheaded by former American Express CEO Ken Chennault and Merck CEO Ken Frazier, who both released an ad in The New York Times recently calling on corporate America to oppose the law…

Given how boycotts in the state of Georgia, or any other state pushing a voter integrity law, could cause a massive anti-Democrat backlash, the letter refrains from calling for a boycott. Earlier this week, actor Will Smith and director Antoine Fuqua announced that they would be moving production of the upcoming runaway slave thriller “Emancipation” from the state of Georgia to Louisiana, costing an estimated $15 million in taxes. [Source: Daily Wire]

This is a very dark road these companies, and figures, are going down. They think they can leverage their wealth, industry influence, and relationship with consumers to manipulate the right of a state to pass needed legislation.

I guess lobbying in D.C. for so many years has convinced these corrupt, crooked businesses that they can do the same thing at the state level. These liberals are so brainwashed, so convinced that their bloated opinions matter, they think they can bully anyone who stands in their way.

But they will learn just how wrong they are.

These liberal-owned companies need us much more than we need them. And if they keep trying to “rebuke” Americans for standing up for what they believe it, they will be the ones burned in the end.

We’ve seen companies suffer after criticizing or attacking Americans. Just as Gillette or the NBA or the NFL. Countless companies that have gone “woke” watched as their customers or fans abandoned them. Does Apple or Amazon really think they can ridicule and lie to Americans, and not face repercussions?

They may want a boycott—but they’ll get an entirely different one.

Author: George Anderson