Federal Chairman Finally Admits The Truth About America’s Economy

Former Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro recently slammed Fed leader Jerome Powell as “the worst Federal Reserve Chairman in history.”

On Tuesday, Navarro responded to Powell’s 60 Minutes interview in which he admitted the financial system is rigged against normal Americans. He said Powell’s comments was the inside joke of the mainstream media as they blame the nation’s money problems on American workers.

Navarro said that Powell is not helping Americans compete with foreign workers in the global economy and is, instead, pushing American jobs overseas.

“This government thinks that whenever your wages increase, they get to ship our jobs overseas so people can buy cheap junk at Walmart., said the former trade advisor. “Even though these people are without a paycheck, they have cheap stuff from Walmart.”

Navarro went on to stress that President Trump’s efforts to support American workers while suggesting he is the only modern president to really care.

Author: Steven Sinclaire