Pelosi Comes Unhinged — Claims She’s a ‘Renegade Street-Fighter’

House Speaker Pelosi said she was willing to fight Trump supporters in the Capitol during the January protest, claiming she is a “street fighter” and insisting the protesters would have had a “battle on their hands.”

Pelosi was asked by journalists what would have happened if she was not evacuated during the “riot”, and she responded, “Well, I’m tough. I’m a street fighter. It would have been a battle.”

Pelosi then showed her four-inch heels and said, “I would have used these., according to reporters.

Of course, the speaker was evacuated from the building in time by her security staff and never had a chance to demonstrate her fighting abilities.

But a protester, Richard Barnett, gained access to the speaker’s office, where he was photographed with his feet up on Pelosi’s desk and going through some of the materials on it.

Barnett was hit with numerous serious charges. Pelosi was not in her office during this time.

Pelosi has said the Capitol protest was a “difficult moment” for people that worked within the building:

“It was a hard moment for us in the Capitol … the idea that people would come here, incite insurrection and try to overturn our process., Pelosi said.

For Michigan Rep. Dan Kildee of Michigan, that was more than true. He admitted to reporters that he entered therapy for PTSD due to the riot.

“I revealed my post-traumatic stress because I believe we need to end the stigma around mental health., Kildee said. “Many people do not seek help. And that should change.”

Author: Blake Ambrose