Leftists Plot To Murder White Children — You Won’t Believe Why

CNN host Chris Cuomo has said on live TV Friday night that police reform and gun laws will only be successful after “white people’s children start getting killed.”

Cuomo’s remarks were during an attempt to address the supposed lack of needed changing in the aftermath of shootings and controversial police-linked deaths, with him suggesting that white people are not impacted by such violence.

“You know the answer. You do. You may not like it—I certainly do not like it, it frightens me. Gun laws and shootings. I know when things will change. When white people’s kids are getting killed.”

Then Cuomo, mocking the tone of white parents, asked, “Why did you run? Oh, he had a baseball game tonight?’ Those cases start happening, ‘What is going on with these police? What? Maybe we should not even have police!’ That type of mania, that type of madness, that will be you, because it is your people.” Cuomo said.

Author: Blake Ambrose