Trump Exposes Biden In Upcoming “9/11” Scheme

Former President Trump is pushing for another date to be used for the pullout of American troops from Afghanistan that is now planned for the 20th anniversary of 9-11.

In a comment released by his staff, Trump took objections to the use of the 9/11 date for the pullout.

“I wish Biden would not use September 11th to bring our troops home, for two reasons” he said.

“First, we should get out sooner., he said, highlighting that Biden went past his May 1 deadline.

“Nineteen years is far too long. I moved to make early withdraw possible by bringing our equipment back and lowering our military down to under 2,000 troops from 16,000.”

Trump then said the second reason was that Sept. 11 would damage the “day of reflection.”

“September 11th represents a sad period for our Country and should stay a day of remembrance and reflection honoring the people we lost., he said. “Withdrawing from Afghanistan is a great thing to do. I planned to leave on May 1st, and we should stay as close to that schedule as we can.”,.,

Trump’s statement comes as President Biden announced he would pull the remaining 2,500 troops from Afghanistan between May 1 and September, defying the established period in a pact signed by Trump, NATO allies and the Taliban.

“We cannot keep the cycle of expanding our presence in Afghanistan attempting to create the ideal conditions for withdrawal., Biden said last Wednesday.

“I am the fourth president to lead over the Afghanistan troop presence. Two Republicans and two Democrats. I will not pass this onto a fifth.”

Author: Blake Ambrose