Watch: Trump Sends Democrats Into Full-Blown Meltdown Mode

Former President Trump told Sean Hannity on Monday night that he is “very seriously” thinking about running in 2024, although he said it was too soon to make a commitment, and said what he missed was being able to help people.

Trump also said he would help Republicans win back the Senate, saying he believes they have “a great chance.”

“We will help with the House., Trump said about 2022. “I believe we have a great chance. I’m working with everyone including Congressman McCarthy in winning back the house. I believe we have a really great chance. Likewise, the Senate will be a bit harder.”

Trump added that he was willing to do anything he could and that he was “all in” on helping the party.

“I miss helping people the most, because I could directly help people., Trump said after being asked what he missed the most. “That is why I did it.”

Trump then commented on the second amendment battle saying that voters “see their guns are going to be gone.”

“Their taxes are rising. Regulations are higher. Jobs are leaving., Trump continued. “If they bring back all these regulations, the jobs will vanish. Our energy independence will also be gone. So I am looking at it seriously. From a legal viewpoint, I do not want to talk about it just yet, it’s a bit too soon.”

Author: Blake Ambrose