Democrats Install Second Amendment ‘Antichrist’ Into Top Position

The National Association for Gun Rights has slammed the nomination of David Chipman as head of the ATF.

During Waco, Chipman was an ATF agent who took a bizarre photo of himself standing in front of the rubble of the siege that took the lives of 76 Americans, including 25 children.

“Installing David Chipman as the head of the ATF is absolutely terrifying. Choosing Chipman to direct the ATF would be like making Ted Kaczynski the head of the Postal Service., said Dudley Brown, President of the organization. “We are actively engaging our 4.5 million members against this nomination.”

At the moment, David Chipman is a gun control activist and top lobbyist for Giffords – a disarmament group that has recently reached prominence in its efforts to remove the Second Amendment.

Chipman has given numerous testimonies before Congress in the past, where he has asked for the infringement of the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

“No administration should ever nominate a participant in mass murder for a police leadership role. Chipman’s confirmation is a pivotal moment for any Senator who supports the Second Amendment., Brown said.

Chipman’s confirmation hearing is turning into one of the biggest fights for gun rights that America has ever seen.

Author: Blake Ambrose