Democrats Join Forces With Republicans — Go For Biden Takedown

Arizona Democratic Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema are both supporting a Republican decision to order the National Guard to America’s border with Mexico in response to the flood of illegals overwhelming officials.

“I welcome the Governor’s plan to give support to Arizona communities, and look forward to seeing more details., Sinema said. “I will keep working with Arizona organizations and leaders to support our communities, secure our border, and treat all migrants fairly.”

Republican Governor Doug Ducey this week announced he is ordering the state’s National Guard to the border and giving an emergency declaration in reaction to the growing invasion at the border.

“It is maybe even worse than the news we have been seeing., Ducey said in a comment. “The border patrol is being overwhelmed, police are getting called out for help and citizens are worried for the safety of their families.”

“The Guard will be installing and managing border cameras, gathering data, analyzing imagery of border crossings for changes and trends, and helping out in detention centers., Ducey’s office said.

Ducey had shown a willingness for weeks to deploy the National Guard and has requested federal reimbursement for the movement.

Author: Steven Sinclaire