Sparks Fly As Trump Meets His 2024 Rival

Chris Christie, the former New Jersey Governor, is reportedly seriously considering running for president in 2024 — regardless if former President Trump runs for a second term or not.

Christie has been a forceful critic of Biden and was an ally of Trump’s when he was in the White House. But as the former governor of a liberal state, and after his failure in 2016, it is hard to understand why he would try.

Meanwhile, the range of potential Republicans is locked into place, waiting for Donald Trump to make his mind up.

Now, Christie has reportedly told friends that he would be the only other candidate in 2024 with executive experience and who has been through a presidential race before.

We might wonder why Christie would want to highlight his 2016 campaign at all, given how quickly he was put out of the race.

And besides this, the foundation of the Republican Party is in the South. No Republican will do well in New England states so the pros might question where Christie’s base is.

He was the most unpopular governor in the history of New Jersey when he left office. And his warmed-over conservatism will not do well in a modern Trump-loving Republican Party.

Author: Steven Sinclaire