Democrats Secure 2024 Victory With Latest “Dirty” Move

The House has passed a bill giving “admission into the country the state of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth, comprising the territory of the District of Columbia” in a Thursday afternoon vote.

Rather than halting their agenda to flood america with fresh Democratic voters, and dealing with spiking violent crime, increasing fuel prices, or aggression from China, the Democrats have given Washington, D.C., statehood.

Those pushing DC statehood have a noble case that Washingtonians should have representation, but Democrats don’t really care. Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin admitted the real agenda when he said, “The Senate is a major blockage to social progress for the nation.”

He is saying that Democrats should add more seats to the Senate to pretty much guarantee their majority vote.

Democrats are attempting to ensure they are never impeded in their radical pushes of far left nonsense agendas. It’s a part of their greater plan to restructure the government to aid their interests, rather than sticking to the Constitution.

Packing the Supreme Court and removing the filibuster to have unchallenged lawmaking are the priorities of the Democratic party. And now they can add expanding the Senate.

Author: Blake Ambrose