Top Republican Reveals The Truth Behind Democrats’ Biggest Conspiracy

Republican Senator Tom Cotton (Ark.) has revealed his thoughts about who might have been the secret source of the “Russian bounties” story put out to harm Trump that has since been completely debunked as a lie.

“Last week, the Biden White House presumably allowed that information to be given out from the intel community. They had low to moderate certainly., said Cotton. “I cannot say these leaks last summer were from the intelligence community, but I believe it is probably likely they came from Democrats in Congress who saw these documents and used them through the mainstream media.”

“Adam Schiff, I’m looking at you as a possible source for that., Cotton said.

Schiff was among the Democrats who used the claim of Russian government putting out bounties to Afghan militants to kill American troops and that Trump did not respond to these bounties.

Former Acting DNI Ric Grenell also slammed Schiff for being behind the fake story:

Schiff has denied accusations he was the source of the fake news.

Author: Blake Ambrose