Kamala Forces Congress Into a Gun-Control Corner

VP Kamala Harris put the pressure on Congress to move on gun control after numerous mass shootings recently have given Democrats fresh ammunition in their drive to disarm the American people.

During her interview with CNN on Sunday, Harris said guns were a priority for Biden’s administration, but she said Congress must focus for there to be meaningful change.

Around two weeks after Biden’s executive actions against guns, the CNN host asked Harris why “infrastructure is the next priority” and not guns.

“As an administration, we must taken action., Harris said. “There is only so much that can be done through executive action.”

“Congress must act., the vice president pushed, later saying, “We need an assault weapons ban. Assault weapons are designed to kill many people very quickly. Congress must act.”

This comes after President Biden was caught in leaked audio saying he refused to use executive orders to pass complete gun control because a Republican could use the same tactics to undo the order.

“No one has fought more against assault weapons than me, but you cannot do that by executive order. If we do, the next person comes in and says, ‘By executive order, everyone can have machine guns again.’ So we must be careful.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire