Leaked Docs Prove Assassination Of Top Political Official

The FBI has published records about the murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich, which the agency previously said did not exist. The documents, made public over the weekend, seem to show that an undisclosed group either wanted to pay or really did pay a lot of money to have Seth Rich killed.

The files reveal that top officials had a meeting in 2018 to talk about Rich’s murder and investigators found zero suspicious behavior by Rich before his death.

Rich was murdered in front of his D.C. home in 2016.

Democrats and the media have dismissed Rich’s murder as “conspiracy theory” and say it was a robbery, although his valuable items were not taken. However, FBI documents seem to show Rich could have been a victim of foul play linked to politics.

“The area inside the DNC where Seth Rich worked allowed him access to what the Democrat Party was doing in the 2016 election., Debbie Georgatos, a conservative TV host said. “Which is the manipulation of voter software.”

Rich died after he was gunned down.

The FBI confirmed he was heavily intoxicated when he was shot, and so he was not able to help police before he died.

The FBI also highlighted that someone removed Rich’s laptop after his murder, but it is unclear if any files were deleted.

Attorneys are now demanding the FBI make public over 1,000 remaining documents related to the investigation.

Author: Scott Dowdy