Trump Completely Humiliates Obama Without Even Trying

I’m not surprised that the official portrait of Trump that will be in the Smithsonian is dignified, but I am shocked that the mainstream media has made nice comments about it. Maybe they recall how hard it was to say something nice about Obama’s portrait, where he sits with six fingers and is surrounded by flowers.

The Washington Post gushed over Trump’s pick for the official portrait.

His Trump portrait has both historic and artistic merit, Ureña said. “I love the composition., she said about Dukovic’s painting. “It’s an angle we don’t see a lot. You get some of the other side and what’s behind his desk.”

“We want to not just show the person,” she said, “but also as much history as we can.”

Someone should check the staff to see if they are well. We have never seen this type of blatant kindness towards Trump from the mainstream media.

But in the end, the kindness abruptly stops when they finally manage to insult Trump’s supporters.

“More people voted in the 2020 elections than ever before, and the majority chose Biden. Regardless, Trump did not concede, and a mob of his backers, who did not accept the election, attacked the Capitol when Congress was attempting to certify Biden’s win.”

“We are looking at the presidency in its whole. We do not criticize, but we are fair in our assessments., Moss said, adding these reflections are given by historians and the museum’s curators. “It’s collaboration among many people reviewing it and a lot of discussion.”

We expected the Smithsonian try to pretend that Trump didn’t exist and refuse to take his portrait, but we are thrilled that sane people are still around. I wonder how long until this exhibit is targeted for removal.

Author: Steven Sinclaire