[WATCH] Top Democrat Arrested During Drunken Stupor

Michigan Police has released bodycam footage showing a state representative using his relationship with Governor Gretchen Whitmer during a DUI stop.

More than driving under the influence, Democratic state Rep. Jewell Jones also resisted arrest and was charged with weapons possession.

During his fight with police, Jones threatens to call Michigan’s Democratic governor. He also refuses to show his ID when asked.

“I don’t give a f— , when I talk to Gretchen I will need y’all ID numbers everything., Jones says in the video. “It won’t be good for y’all. I run y’alls budget.”

Once in the squad car, Jones told the officer to “tell Joe who you have handcuffed, wake his ass up.”

The Joe he was talking about is Col. Joseph Gasper, leader of the State Police of Michigan.

A lawyer for Jones made a statement that his client “was not threatening officers in any way.”

“Anything he says about the governor or budgets was an attempt to prevent them from using excessive force., attorney Ali Hammoud said.

Author: Blake Ambrose