Biden Slips, Admits Who’s Really Pulling His Strings

President Biden said he would get “into trouble” if he kept taking questions from journalists during a rare discussion on Tuesday.

After speaking on new changes for mask-wearing, Biden answered some questions from reporters at the White House.

“I’m sorry., Biden said, after getting questions about wearing masks and a possible meeting with Vladimir Putin. “This is the last one I’ll take, and I’m going to be in trouble.”

It was not clear what President Biden meant, although he is known for his humor about his history of gaffes.

Since Biden became president, he has been more reserved, limiting his interactions with the media to one press conference and a few question sessions.

While White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has daily press briefings, reporters have shown frustration for the lack of openness on border topics and the lack of availability of Biden.

The Washington Post has recorded 67 falsehoods from President Biden during his first 100 days, stressing that the number was partly due to how Biden “rarely speaks to reporters or talks off the cuff.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire