Democrats Try To Sabotage Trump’s Audit — But Didn’t Expect This

Democrats combating an audit of Arizona’s election is not just an admission of guilt, but it proves that the Democrats have “gone absolutely crazy,” says former President Trump.

“The extreme left Democrats have gone absolutely crazy in fighting the audit of the presidential election happening in the Wonderful State of Arizona., Trump wrote in a comment. “They sent a group of over 100 lawyers to block it because they understand what the results of the audit will be — it won’t be good for them.”

Trump highlighted that the independent audit will be a great thing for Americans, but instead Democrats are trying to cover everything up.

“The audit is independent, with no advantage to anyone, but they don’t want it because they know they lost Arizona, and other states, in a big landslide., Trump’s message read.

Trump said free and fair elections are crucial to America and that the audit is meant to share the truth with the American public.

“The people in Arizona are very upset, as are people in our nation., Trump’s statement ended. “If we don’t have fair elections, we don’t have a nation. The audit will continue. Americans deserve the truth!”

Author: Scott Dowdy