CNN Sinks To All Time Lows To Cover For Biden, See How…

CNN spun a news piece about President Biden’s congressional address by saying he would be revealing his “moderate radicalism.” “Joe Biden to showcase his moderate radicalism., the oxymoronic headline says.

CNN goes on to claim President Biden is “no ideologue” but says his “radicalism is shown through a large rescue bill, a program that changes the idea of infrastructure, and a large health and child care plan.”

This label, the article says, is not usable if the GOP use it. “Republicans believe they can label Biden a radical and get a backlash., the article subhead reads.

The news piece mostly ignores the fact that Biden’s “solutions” have been done without Republican support, and instead touts Biden’s “agenda that says government can still fix problems, 40 years after another Republican spelled out the opposite opinion.

A Biden White House was said to be a unifying moment for the nation amidst a Chinese-sourced pandemic, violent anti-white and anti-police riots. And instead, we got a large spending bill, an infrastructure program that wants to give out funds to causes on the radical left.

The president’s lies and anti-white rhetoric and racial targeting of White farmers among other things is anything but moderate in his initial 100 days in office.

Biden’s pandering to the ever-increasing hard-left of the Democratic party is creating a radical path that even socialists like AOC have said publicly was “very impressive.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire