President Biden Sued For Discriminating Against White People

Republican Sid Miller, the Texas Agriculture Commissioner has sued the Biden administration, calling out the administration’s discrimination against white farmers.

In the lawsuit, Miller says that Biden’s Agriculture Department excluded whites from their coronavirus relief package for farmers, which violates the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act.

“These exclusions are racial and unconstitutional, and the court should act against their enforcement.”, the lawsuit says.

“Doing this will support equal rights for all Americans, because the way to stop racial discrimination is to stop racial discrimination,” the lawsuit continued.

The legal filing says that whites have been subject to discrimination since the the relief bill uses language which was created for the sole purpose of discriminating against and excluding white people.

“White farmers are not included in the definition of ‘socially disadvantaged farmers,’ making them not eligible for relief aid under these programs.”, the lawsuit says.

Author: Steven Sinclaire