Tim Scott Slams Biden In Rebuttal Speech–Exposes His True Agenda

Chances are, you skipped Joe Biden’s first address to Congress. That’s okay, Joe’s hardly a real president, with a real vision and plans for the country. The 80-plus man with clear signs of mental decline is just a puppet for the progressive left and D.C. swamp. His speech was loaded with dishonesty, baseless attacks against conservative Americans, and calls for more government control than the Soviet Union.

Critics online were quick to riddle Biden’s speech with holes. They called out his poor performance, lack of accurate facts, and overall inconsistencies. There is a reason Biden delayed this speech for months, after all. He has nothing meaningful to say to Congress or America. His administration does not know what it’s doing, both on the economy or the pandemic. And they probably feared the man would not be able to hold it together for that long. By some miracle, he didn’t collapse midway.

As is the custom, the opposing party had a rebuttal speech prepared for after the address. Although it is shorter and often given less attention by the media, it was a chance for Republicans to “settle the score” so to speak, after Biden’s night of lies. And Republican Sen. Tim Scott wasted no time in taking down Biden’s bogus address.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) slammed President Joe Biden on Wednesday night as he delivered the Republican Party’s rebuttal speech to the speech that Biden gave just moments prior that was panned by critics as divisive and extreme…

Scott highlighted how during the first three months of Biden’s presidency, he and the Democrats “are pulling us further apart.”…

Scott highlighted how there was more bipartisan COVID-19 work that happened under the leadership of former President Donald Trump, a Republican, than under Biden, a Democrat.

Scott hammered Biden for dividing instead of uniting, and on numerous policy issues, including infrastructure, Biden’s “Family Plan,” and other extreme proposals. [Source: Daily Wire]

Scott criticized Biden’s claims of wanting to “unite” the country. In reality, Biden’s definition of unity is “Do what we say or else.” Democrats are not interested in working with conservatives to find solutions we can all agree with. They want to ram their agenda down our throats, even when that agenda is terrible for our country and largely despised by voters.

It seems like Joe’s plan for the country involves massive spending, higher taxes, more government, and policies that will destroy jobs. Biden thinks he can bamboozle Americans with promises for free education and other benefits. But he neglects to explain that this “free” stuff will be paid for by American workers.

Higher taxes just don’t hurt the wealthy, but everyone else. Meanwhile, Biden’s radical environmental goals will drive jobs away from the country, increase the cost of living, and result in harder times for all Americans.

Biden claims he wants to bring us back to “normalcy” after Donald Trump. Apparently, that means bowing to the D.C. swamp, radical progressives, and globalists. He wants to destroy our border, drive up taxes, and let jobs flee to other countries (which is already happening). If that’s his definition of “normal,” I’ll have abnormal all day long.

Author: Peter Thompson