Trump’s Newest Plan To Save America Has Democrats Furious

President Trump is thinking about restarting his MAGA rallies as soon as May. According to people close to Trump on Wednesday, the events might be somewhat different but the same third party providers will be used.

The plan for a possible MAGA rally return gained steam after Trump promised to go to Alaska to rally against Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska). Some reports also say the former President might want to use the rallies to talk with supporters after he was removed from big tech platforms like Twitter.

Trump also gave hints about new rallies during his interview with Dan Bongino this Wednesday.

“I never say this, but we need another MAGA rally. Can you have one, just for fun?” asked Bongino.

“We’ll do one again soon., President Trump said. “They love rallies. We did 56 of them and we never had one empty seat.”

Expectations are growing as supporters wait for Trump’s announcement on if he will run again for president in 2024.

However, Trump’s office has not officially responded to MAGA rally rumors.

Author: Scott Dowdy