Conservative State Stomps Anti-Gun Opponents

Arkansas leaders have countered federal gun restrictions by passing their own law with the goal of invalidating federal gun measures.

In a vote of 79-to-20 this week, the state legislature passed the bill. The new law nullifies any federal gun law enacted on or after January 1 of this year.

State Congressman Jeff Wardlaw (R), the sponsor of the bill, said there would be consequences for police or other officials who break the law. This comes during an effort to safeguard Arkansans’ Second Amendment rights.

“My supporters came to me during the November election and they showed a lot of fear about what the Biden administration was putting out,” Wardlaw said. “That they would confiscate rifles and put taxes on ammo and magazines.”

Arkansas has joined other conservative states, which have passed measures similar regarding the second amendment and Biden’s goal of destroying gun ownership.

Author: Blake Ambrose