Even Democrats Don’t Want To Hear Biden Speak

President Biden’s congressional speech went as well as you might expect. The president stuttered through his notes, making many gaffes and seemingly being less energetic as the speech went on. He also downplayed the 9/11 attacks and repeated different lies about topics like guns and America’s Constitution.

Now, the numbers are in, and the humiliation has started. The ratings were terribly bad, and they pale in comparison to Trump’s ratings.

Nielsen reports around 26.9 million people watched President Biden’s congressional address. By comparison, Donald Trump’s first Congressional address brought in 47.7 million watchers. Even his last State of the Union had 37 million people tuning in.

Biden missed the mark completely, bringing in a very partisan audience too since MSNBC was the top watched network.

The fact that President Biden can barely physically get through a speech and that much fewer people are even tuning in is not a great thing for Democrats.

You can back that opinion up by remembering how Tim Scott was treated. His speech was the story of the night, and that is a good thing for Republicans. When the media freaks out, our side did something right.

Author: Blake Ambrose