McConnell Crumbles Under The Weight Of Trump’s Wrath

Since Donald Trump left office, he has made it his goal to ensure the GOP wins big in 2022. The midterm elections happening next year could have a significant impact on the future of the country. If Republicans manage to take back the House and Senate, Joe Biden will become all but powerless. Republicans will be in a position to get things done in D.C., perhaps even reverse much of the damage already caused by Joe and his cohorts.

Plenty of people are waiting to find out if Trump will run for 2024. But so far, he has focused his attention on this sooner election. He has endorsed numerous candidates running for re-election. And he has said good things about up-and-coming candidates who will be running primaries.

As you can expect, Trump has also been outspoken against Republicans he believes do not truly represent the party’s values and agenda. He has slammed congressmen and women who voted against him. And he’s promised to rally for candidates running against sitting senators.

And recently, he called on the party to find someone else to lead them in the Senate.

Former President Trump said Thursday that he expects his Republican Party to do well during next year’s midterm elections but suggest they replace Sen. Mitch McConnell as their Senate leader.

“I think we’re gonna do very well,” Trump told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo. “We need good leadership. Mitch McConnell has not done a great job. I think they should change Mitch McConnell.” [Source: Just the News]

As you can expect, McConnell fired back as soon as he could.

“We’re looking to the future, not the past,” McConnell said on the cable news network. “And if you want to see the future of the Republican Party, watch Tim Scott’s response to President Biden last night. He’s the future. That’s where we’re headed. We’re not preoccupied with the past, but looking forward.” [Source: Just the News]

So… a man who has been in government for decades, who represents the past in more ways than one, is saying that Trump is the past of the party? That’s pretty rich.

McConnell was faithful to Trump, when it came to getting his judges onto the bench. But during the fallout of the 2020 Election, McConnell refused to back Trump’s fight and all but bent the knee to Sleepy Joe. Trump has been outspoken against McConnell’s apparently betrayal and has criticized him brutally in recent months.

McConnell claims that Tim Scott, who gave the GOP rebuttal of Biden’s speech, is the future of the party. But Scott is one of many Republicans who worked with Donald Trump and continues to embrace America First values.

In fact, most Republicans seeking re-election in the future are craving Trump’s endorsement and support. Just a few words from could transform a candidate’s campaign. Many Republicans flock his Mar-a-Lago headquarters for a meeting or support. Trump’s office is clearly doing quite a bit to secure major wins in the next election.

What is McConnell doing? Who is seeking him out? How is he helping the GOP?

Oh… that’s right… he’s doing nothing.

Author: Timothy Davis