Trump Makes Sure Liz Cheney’s Days Are Numbered

It’s no secret that the majority of Republican voters are squarely in Donald Trump’s corner. Since he left office, they continue to show support, eager for the day he returns to office (or endorses MAGA candidates like him to do so). But since he left the White House, anti-Trump “conservatives” have thought this was their chance to “return to normal.”

A group of Republican representatives in the House voted for the left’s second bogus impeachment of Trump. Many of these Republicans faced censures and intense backlash from their state parties. They are most likely going to face primary rivals, perhaps being ousted before the 2022 election. Some have tried to claw back some reputation, in hopes of salvaging their careers.

But one “Republican” refuses to repent. In fact, she is digging in her heels, determined to prove to the world that her opposition of Trump and his America First agenda will win the day. But members of her own party are growing tired of her. Some are predicting she’ll be out of her lofty leadership roles by the end of the month.

House Republicans have become increasingly frustrated with Cheney as she has increasingly sparred with House Republican leadership.

Cheney’s conflict with House Republicans has reached such a point of contention that some GOP lawmakers who defended her just months ago now say that she needs to leave her leadership post and that the Wyoming Republican will eventually get ousted from GOP leadership…

“As we’re focused on unifying the Republican conference and our mission to win back the majority, she is focused on the past and proving a point. She is alienating herself from the conference, and I have to imagine if she doesn’t resign there will be a new vote in the near future and the result will be lopsided in the opposite direction of what it was before.” [Source: Breitbart]

It’s pretty amazing to see someone so dead set on destroying their career. You have to be a fool to not realize impeaching Trump as a Republican was a mistake. Since leaving office, Trump continues to be a force to be reckoned with. Because the impeachment push wasn’t successful, he can easily return to politics, making him even more viable.

Yet Cheney, for some reason, is willing to die on this hill. She refuses to move on and get behind the party’s goal of retaking the House in 2022—which requires unity of vision and support from Donald Trump. Apparently, Cheney is actually campaigning on the fact that she impeached Trump—even though the folks in Wyoming were outraged that she did it.

Now, it seems that the House is about to kick her off her important committee positions. And soon after, she could lose her seat entirely.

Why is she willing to lose everything over her hatred of Trump? Is she also suffering from TDS, as so many liberals are? Or, does she have an ulterior motive, as Trump himself suggested? Donald predicted she’d end up a lobbyist in D.C. Perhaps she knows that if she loses her post, she has a comfy job waiting for her.

If that’s the case, then principle and supporting the people means nothing to her. She’s just looking for a payday.

House Republicans should get rid of her as soon as possible.

Author: Jason Cruise