Biden Official Slips — Admits To Impending COVID Tyranny

The Biden White House continues to not acknowledge the safety of allowing children to go back to school, despite recommendations from the CDC that shows that a return to normal classroom learning is safe.

Biden previously remarked that schools would “probably” be open in the Fall, but now his team is pushing that prediction forward. Presidential counselor Anita Dunn did not commit to K-12 classrooms being reopened even by September. Even Jake Tapper from CNN pushed Dunn on Biden’s past comments, and highlighted that the science shows a return to in-person instruction is ok.

“Eighty percent of teachers have now been vaccinated,” Dunn said. “President Biden said ‘probably,’ he did not say absolutely…if Americans get vaccinated, he does think schools should be reopened in September.”

Dunn also did not acknowledge the Biden team’s obvious coordination with teachers unions in creating the coronavirus guidelines. The leadership of teachers unions have pushed for schools to remain closed, at the expense of children.

Author: Steven Sinclaire