Trump Gives Democrats a Little Taste Of 2022

The results of the special election in Texas are now being seen as a major blow to Democrats and to President Biden after no Democrats got enough votes to enter the runoff.

Susan Wright, the widow of GOP Congressman Ron Wright, won the top spot after she was endorsed by Trump and will compete in a runoff with fellow Republican John Ellzey, and conservatives say the election outcome proves the GOP is growing in strength, even within a district that some have said was “purpling.”

Ellzey won by a small margin of 400 votes over the Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez. Wright got 19% of the vote, Ellzey 14% and Sanchez’s 13%.

While Wright was supported by Trump, Ellzey was supported by former Texas Governor Rick Perry.

John Fund, a columnist for the National Review, stressed that “Republicans seized the two runoff openings in the Texas special election. Dems were left out, their candidates got a total 36% in the Dallas seat that Trump won by just 3 points last November.”

The Democratic Party Of Texas praised Sanchez for her efforts in the election.

The district covers certain southeastern areas of Fort Worth and some rural areas. The election was viewed as the country’s first competitive election since President Biden entered the White House in January.

Trump carried this same district by only 3 points in 2020, after winning it by 12 points in 2016.

President Trump congratulated Wright on her victory, saying that her numbers “surged after I endorsed her. Her husband is looking down, and he is proud of her!”

Author: Steven Sinclaire