‘Woke’ Corporations Desperately Backpedal – But It Could Be Too Late

It’s no secret that Americans are growing sick and tired of private companies—some major corporations—abusing their influence to push liberal politics. The term “going woke” has come to mean any company that suddenly gains a social “consequence,” creating new policies, ad campaigns, or positions that promote what they call “diversity.”

But Americans are seeing through this charade. What these companies are really doing is trying to force their own brand of radical, leftist politics onto the public. It seems like Democrats in private business are so scared of another Trump getting elected, they are hoping they can brainwash Americans into thinking the way they want.

How has that worked out for them? Not well. Companies and organizations that have “gone woke” have suffered big time. We’ve seen how professional sports and the entertainment industry have lost whatever credibility they had (as well as millions of fans). The same can be said of companies that tried to interfere with state laws or push a radical legal agenda.

But after months of criticism and backlash, one major company appears to be backing down. At least for now.

Coca-Cola has put the brakes on its controversial diversity plan, which included penalizing outside law firms if they did not meet racial diversity quotas, because of intense backlash.

The pause on the diversity plan comes after the plan’s architect, Coca-Cola’s former general counsel Bradley Gayton, abruptly resigned last month after serving less than a year on the job and faced mounting criticism of the quota system…

Gayton made headlines in January when he disclosed his plans to penalize outside law firms if they did not meet at least 30 percent of the billed time from “diverse attorneys,” with at least half of that time from black attorneys.

The legal defense foundation Project on Fair Representation published a letter to Coca-Cola last Wednesday warning that the company’s outside counsel “racial quota requirements” are against the law. [Source: Breitbart]

Most of us have heard of Coke going “woke,” over the last few months. But perhaps not all of us heard that what they were trying to do was actually illegal. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits a company from discriminating against employees on the basis of race. Yet Coke was doing just that, demanding legal firms that worked for them meet some kind of “racial quota.”

By the policy’s very definition, it was requiring employees to be of a certain race. Which meant employees of the “wrong” race would either be fired or prevented from working for Coke. That sounds like discrimination to me!

Coke was trying to twist diversity to give certain people an advantage—all on the basis of their race. That is the very opposite the Civil Rights Act was meant to achieve. Yet the left applauded this effort, because they’ve become so blinded by their divisive politics.

Don’t be fooled, though. These kinds of policies aren’t going away. If they fail in Coke, Democrats in Congress will try to pick them up. Already numerous bills are floating through Congress that seeks to discriminate Americans on the basis of their skin color. Although some of them might fail, more will replace them.

Author: Peter Jones