Whistleblower Warns Of Impending ‘Bolshevik’ Revolution

Republican Senator John Kennedy (LA) this week reacted to Facebook’s decision to uphold former President Trump’s ban from their website.

Kennedy likened big tech leaders to “Bolsheviks.” He then argued that we should regulate big tech companies, the way we do utility companies.

“I believe most will agree with the facts I’m about to talk about,” Kennedy began. “For one, most of the young people who are running these platforms are essentially Bolsheviks. I mean, they are wokeristas. Now, that is OK. This is America. You can think what you want. But no one thinks these social media giants would censor someone like Bernie Sanders as they have done to former President Trump. And I believe the facts support that.”

“And two, everyone says they are private companies, and they can do as they wish. Yes, they are private. … We need to regulate them as we regulate private telephone companies and utility companies. And those are the facts,” he added. “I’m not saying that Facebook’s is right or wrong politically. I’m saying they should not have politics. And the only way for this to happen is to properly regulate or break them up.”

Author: Scott Dowdy