Biden Under The Legal Gun For Child Abuse Allegations

Watchdog group Judicial Watch is now suing the Biden White House after the Department of Health blocked document requests connected to child abuse at border facilities.

“We are worried that the increase in migrants trying to take advantage of Biden’s lacking immigration policies has led to the abuse of children, as overwhelmed officials are not equipped to deal with the large number of children coming through. The unprecedented censorship and secrecy around these locations further adds to the issue and limits accountability,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “Our lawsuit seeks to put a focus on the truth about this especially troubling consequence of Biden’s immigration policies.”

After seeking these documents using a Freedom of Information Act request, which was declined, Judicial Watch is now suing to get the following:

All summaries from reports of sexual and or physical abuse or assault of children in the care of HHS or other agencies that work under HHS, volunteer groups and contractors.

On top of rejecting the group’s FIOA requests, the Biden White House has blocked reporters from the border facilities. Republican and Democrat lawmakers who go to the locations were also ordered not to take photos.

Author: Scott Dowdy