DeSantis Cuts All Support For Welfare Freeloaders

With Trump out of office and an idiot in the White House, there are precious few leaders worth looking to right now. The federal government is trying to push the most radical agenda the country has ever seen. So, it comes down to states to preserve our democracy, uphold our traditions, and defend conservative values.

The good news is, there is a handful of Republican governors fighting back against Biden’s agenda. Sleepy Joe has compared himself to FDR, a man who introduced socialism into our country and created the welfare state. Biden wants to go even further, spending trillions of our tax dollars to bankroll massive entitlement programs.

But in the state of Florida, those who think they can keep getting a free ride from the government just got a wake-up call. Because GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis told people collecting unemployment: it’s time to start looking for a job.

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday informed unemployed Floridians during a Wednesday press conference that May will be the last month they can collect unemployment benefits without proving they are looking for work…

“Normally when you’re getting unemployment, the whole idea is that it’s temporary, and you need to be looking for work to be able to get off unemployment,” DeSantis said. “It was a disaster, so we suspended those job search requirements. I think it’s pretty clear now — we have an abundance of job openings.” [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s no secret there is a work shortage in most parts of the country. Because states lifted any restrictions to unemployment (thanks to the China virus panic), there are many who refuse to go back to work. In several key industries, like restaurants, hotels, and tourism, businesses are struggling because they can’t find staff.

Imagine that. The government has effectively paid Americans not to go to work. But in Florida, where all COVID restrictions have been dropped (and the Summer vacation season is about to explode), there is no reason for people to be sitting on their butts, collecting checks for doing nothing.

DeSantis is restoring a few basic requirements that existed before the pandemic. Many states limit these handouts, requiring residents to prove they are looking for a job. The goal is obvious: if you start looking for a job, you’ll eventually find one. Then, you don’t need that measly unemployment check, anyway.

What the governor has done is essentially save countless Florida businesses. People will be happy to get back to work, once they know they have no other option.

Now, the rest of the country needs to follow his lead. There is no reason other conservative states, who have already dropped their COVID restrictions, should keep rewarding Americans for staying at home. It’s time for Americans to go back to work.

And DeSantis just laid out how to do it.

Author: Anthony Tisdale